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Adalya Shisha Flavours | Premium Tobacco | Adalya Premium Tobacco Blends

Get ready for an unforgettable shisha experience with Adalya Shisha Flavour! 🌬️💨

→ Premium quality

→ Exquisite flavors

→ Unmatched satisfaction

Let’s dive into the world of Adalya shisha tobacco! 🧵👇

1/ Indulge your senses with Adalya Shisha Flavour! 🍃🍓

Experience the smoothness of every puff, thanks to the finest ingredients and expert craftsmanship.

With a wide range of flavors to choose from, you’ll find your perfect match for an unrivaled hookah session. 🔥💯

2/ Elevate your shisha game with Adalya Shisha Flavour! 🌟✨

Enjoy the intense flavors that burst in your mouth, leaving you craving for more.

From classic favorites like Double Apple and Mint to unique blends like Love 66 and Lady Killer, Adalya has something for every taste bud. 💥🍇



All Adalya products are produced using selected high quality tobaccos and flavors that comply with European Union regulations.
Adalya is the largest hookah tobacco producer in Turkey and currently second biggest in the world.
Adalya Tobacco became the leader of all the markets where it launched its products and its market share keeps expanding globally.
Adalya’s name was first recognized in Europe and soon spread to Asia, Africa, and America.

Adalya believes in the values of the hookah smoking tradition of the Middle East and the Mediterranean, which represents living together and in peace.
Adalya are working hard to spread and enrich these values by creating brand new and globally loved aromas.




Adalya Tobacco is a globally recognized brand founded by a tobacco expert born in 1963, who, after earning a degree in Tobacco Technology in 1986, managed a café. His journey in the café business led to the establishment of the renowned Adalya brand, with tobacco once again playing a central role.


Adalya café responded to customer demands for high-quality tobacco and new hookah flavors. We set up a production facility, acquired a plant in 2007, and saw both domestic and international success.


From the start, Adalya aimed to be a global leader and achieved worldwide recognition. They built their own cutting-edge factory in 2016, now one of the largest in the industry, and have produced top-quality hookah tobacco there since 2017.



launched Adalya Vape @ onechoice we not deal with any kind of vape thanks for not asking us about any vape or the e-cigarette industry.
As a major industry player, Adalya Tobacco is known for ongoing innovation. In 2022, we launched Adalya Vape, entering the e-cigarette market with exceptional flavors and stylish design. We aspire to replicate their success from the hookah tobacco market in the e-cigarette industry.


Aiming to become the world’s largest and most loved hookah tobacco producer, Adalya has decided that 2023 will be the breakthrough year for the company to expand into the Middle East and North American markets.

The information from adalya website


Weight100 g
adalya flavours

Adalya Love 66, Adalya Baku Nights, Adalya Blue Ice, Adalya Mi Amor, Two apples


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