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Nice design shisha covered with hand made wood to gave a great looking style for the hookah, also it come in suitcase to make it easy and safe to carry without be worry to get broken vase or get a damaging the hookah when you get for camping or any trip .

Enjoy the smoking with it any time any where and keep this nice choice in your home or as great VIP gift.

Wooden hookah traditional styles of wood shisha

When it come to shisha that have wood we see Mr wood wooden hookah the top of the reign but prices are too high compeer to the shisha we like to offering you here as you see the price here  come less than half of Mr wood wooden shisha and the wooden hookah comes including a case that can make it very easy to carry on if you like to use it when you go comping or travelling even it is very important to keep it safe and make sure all parts in one place after you finish your smoking session.

Traditional wooden shisha made from wood been known in middle east to use with shisha flavours

In many countries wooden shisha been known to smoke the tobacco shisha flavours but when wood get wet and mixed with the smoke we see it getting hard to clean and not good for health more information can be find on 1 Choice light line from the like here .

wooden hookah in general it is used to smoke single type of shisha flavour before but today’s we have more than 80 type of shisha tobacco as Tabaku offer the Australian market over 80 type of flavours and the non tobacco industry been booming today’s and provides over 40 types of Herbal shisha molasses only Mazaaj have over 10 shisha flavours so wood make hookah not a option for get it today but with this model it is not Woods from inside so you can use it with many shisha flavours easy to clean and you can enjoy other’s  type of shisha every time.

The top advantage for this option is

1-pretty hookah

2-nice smoking

3-easy to clean

4-easy to carry (with case)

5-great mix from the modern and traditional

6-great value of money only from 1 choice light line


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