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Traditional small clay bowl for shisha work with many hookahs


Clay Bowls are made in the traditional shape and are 100% clay and they solid looks like stone.

They do a good job of keeping the heat inside the bowl and require less amounts of coals.

These are great as a replacement bowl or just to have as a spare. They are also a great idea if you want to change the look and colour of your hookah and will fit any pipe. Be sure to select your colour from the available options. Measuring approx. 6cm in diameter and 6cm tall

This type can hold 16-20grams of shisha tobacco for the classic types and when it used with Tabaku brand it can hold 12-16 grams.

The most users for this bowls the smokers who like a strong shisha because this style can be layer after layers for the tobacco with the traditional holes’ downside can do strong flaver with perfect smoking if the bowl packed in the correct ways it’s highly recommended for Double Apple, Mint Gum, Paan, and all other strong shisha flavours.

As we use it personally with double apple of Tabaku , 14g of it last for 2 hours of perfect smoking.


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