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Tabaku Bowl Premium Bowls exclusive from ShishaTabaku

Shop Tabaku bowl at a reasonable price from ShishaTabaku and from one choice light line in Australia New and Premium quality shisha tobacco Bowls

Premium quality shisha tobacco Bowls

Tabaku send to the market great gift for all hookah lover with this type of bowl,
It is module size work with any tobacco not too small not too big it is just right for Tabaku so your Shisha will last easy over hour with mouth-watering test from Tabaku , even for other tobacco brand it work fine ,just it is a bit small for them as everyone knows classic tobacco like Al Fakher need around 20 g to smoke well for over 30 mints ,for this that option for quick fast smoking section .

The white clay and the glazed make this one best deal for you or a great value gift’s

Description about shisha tobacco Bowls from TABAKU

Premium quality shisha tobacco Bowls

Full glazed outside and half inside


110mm in height

75mm in diameter

This bowl takes 12-15 grams of flavor.


 Shisha Tabaku

“Shisha TABAKU is the only shisha tobacco available in Australia that is legally imported, providing customers with legitimate shisha flavours.

Address5 Brodie St, Rydalmere NSW 2116

you can fine our other options coming from TABAKU:The white clay and the glazed make this one best deal Full glazed outside and half inside

in the link here

Shisha Tabaku
TABAKU have begun to offer their customers custom aromas and mixtures. Customers in Australia can order their own distinct mixture exactly the way they want it at one of their retail locations.

Find Shisha Bars in Australia and asks for Shisha Tabaku

Shisha bars and lounges can be found in major cities across Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth. These venues offer a range of shisha flavors and are often decorated in a Middle Eastern style to create an authentic atmosphere.

A shisha bar or lounge if they have Tabaku you find it on the premium menu only as shisha Tabaku been known for luxury not a basic range of shisha tobacco.

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