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European shisha style – Red hookah

Shisha shines like a red supergiant and maximum luminous observable stars inside the night-time-time sky. European style shisha pipe to banquet your eyes in this fiery design! Sitting atop is a non-glazed clay top bowl. In contrast to ceramic bowls, the clay bowl enhances shisha flavour within the bowl with wealthy earthy aromas from the clay. Retaining the clay bowl on is the aluminium stem. The usage of layout is low preservation cleansing while imparting that shine finish for this hookah. To finish this hookah, a unique vase designed to resemble a whirlpool flame ready to be transcended into smoke. Offered as a one hose hookah, using the appropriate tools.

High-Quality Aluminium Complete hookah Set

Easy to place clip, tobacco, charcoal. It ensures a stable and tight smoking system which can provide the best traction. No air will disappear from the shisha.

Complete nice European

shisha set good options for value of money 

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Quality Silicone Hose 

Aluminium Handle connecting to the Hose for optimum Smoke

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